Applications And Properties Of Tungsten Disulfide Nanopowder

Tungsten Disulphide

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Tungsten IV disulfide is a potent chemical compound which is extracted from a rare ore known as tungstenite. The chemical formula of this compound is WS2 and it mainly works as a catalyst for processes like hydrodentrification and hydrodesulfurification.

It holds a layered structure which helps in transforming it into minute nanopowder without any complications. The performance of the so formed nanopowder is quite impressive and thus it forms a great solid lubricant used in many technological industries.

Best thing about this nanopowder is its resistive ability. It can be used in any working environment as it can withstand high load, high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, and corrosive medium and powerful radiations too.

It does not end here as, this form of nanopowder even holds magnetic strength and hence is even used for creating nano magnetic particles. Some even use it as an additive in the making of these particles.

Exceptional Properties of Tungsten Disulphide Nanopowder

The tungsten disulphide nanopowder is packed with a plethora of exceptional properties. The friction coefficient of this nanopowder is quite less about 0.003, which makes it best for magnetic alignment and lubrication. Along with that, it holds tremendous anti-wear properties and hence is added in the casting process of metal so that they can attain self-lubricating property with the help of this nanopowder.

In fact, this nanopowder is even used for oil catalyst so that it can increase its efficiency without hampering the state of the reaction. Today, there is a wide range of nanopowder available online and this is definitely quite popular amongst them.

You can find several tungsten disulphide nanopowder suppliers who sell this powder so that it can be used for making dry film lubricants, solid lubricants, fuel cells, composite materials and many more- the list keeps on going on and on.